We are a Global Trade and Service Business based in Accra-Ghana. We provide marketing services to tar­ geted business environments in Ghana and West Africa using the global platform. We offer companies, government institutions, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), and individuals reli­able, high-quality, and cost-effective services for various purposes.

Since inception, the company has passed down and expanded on its traditional strengths as a marketing company by refining the company’s strategy and improving the use of technology in the development of its systems, and then expanding those systems into other fields. It was in the confidence of closing an identified gap in the Ghanaian market that EvoNet marketing was founded in 2013 and through hardwork and commitment, it has witnessed the birthing of sister companies such as Evonet Distribution and Evonet Construction. High value-added services and top-notch customer service has been the benchmark of the company as witnessed by wide acclaim.

Our Mission

Define satisfaction and excellence in service to all

Our Vision

Serve as a medium of growth for businesses and individuals.


    • Integrity: We believe that this is a dynamic reflection of our collective aspirations therefore we operate in openness and inclusion at all times.
    • Compliance: We perceive adherence to internal and external standards for all processes.
    • Auspiciousness: We believe in you, we genuinely do and we prove that in our work.
    • Innovation: We develop and implement efficient processes that are in tune with the current needs of our investors, customers and stakeholders.
    • Respect: We respect our clients as they are, to be able to help them become better than they are.
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