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The only reason anyone will take their hard earned money to invest in a product or a business is to make their invested money back and make a profit. But in today’s fast paced world and fast Life, demands of customers vary on an individual basis so there is the need to put together the very different reasons for which individuals will make a purchase, put them together and make them work for your product.

All this can be too much for a startup company or an individual to piece together and we understand this too well so EvoNet Marketing Consult have made our services available to anybody who has the desire to be in business and make profit. We are so confident in our systems and methods bringing you success that we implemented the “DEADLINE FULL PAY POLICY”.

This policy simply means that once we have reached an agreement to market your product, we will agree on a deadline to move a quantity of product of product. Once this deadline is reached and the agreed quantity of product is not sold or you have not received money for all of it, EvoNet will pay you the full amount involved or the balance left and rid you of the stress of money collection or product hustle. Team EvoNet is here to serve you so put us to the test and let us work for your smile.



EvoNet is a combination of two different words i.e. Evolution and Networking.

The term Evolution can be defined as the gradual process in which something changes into a different and more complex or better form. As a company, we believe in growth and as we ourselves have grown from one stage up until now so do we believe that any business or product can grow but one must always bait the hook to suit the fish.- The right system must be applied to every project and also groomed as a standalone project to ensure healthy growth.

We also believe in the connecting of things or people to achieve a cause or expansion thus the term Network. Where there’s a network opportunities abound and we believe that networking is not just about connecting people but rather connecting people with people, people with ideas and people with opportunities.

Just as there can be no change without a connection to something; be it positive or negative, there will be no growth without a good cause, reason or connection.

Therefore the combination of the words Evolution and Network to give us EvoNet. We are ensuring growth by connecting to the right people to fulfill a good cause.

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